28 September 2019

Editor’s voicemail

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Fast fashion is making Merope Mills feel nauseous and Tanyaradzwa Nyenwa feel guilty

Editor's Voicemail 4'15

Clothes are being thrown away almost faster than they are worn. Racks and racks are lined up every day and across the world couriers deliver still more.

Fast fashion has got a planet-sized problem when it comes to waste, consumption of resources and wage slavery.

For one of our editors, chairing a ThinkIn on the subject earlier this year, jolted her out of her habits – she hasn’t bought a single piece of new clothing for herself since.

For one of our writers who loves fashion, writing about the rise and rise of Boohoo this week left her feeling too guilty to purchase.

Join us for a Tortoise ThinkIn with our partner Fora on Thursday 10 October – How to dress well and not ruin the planet.