01 October 2019

The Readout

The Responsibility100 Index: is big business pulling its weight?

We launched our first examination of the FTSE 100 – and our ThinkIn gave us a lot more work to do


By Alexandra Mousavizadeh

What is a beta launch, anyway? More than a sketch, more than a roadmap, something of a prototype?

We launched our Responsibility100 Index in beta last week in the Tortoise spirit of openness and of working together to get to a smarter answer.

The Index ranks the FTSE 100 companies to see how well they are living up to their social and environmental responsibilities by examining their record on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

On the day we launched the first ranking, we also staged a ThinkIn to discuss the findings, the way they were put together, and the route to January when we will formally launch the Index.

It was great to hear some thoughtful encouragement, but more importantly, it was invaluable to identify a lot of work still to do.

These are:

A dozen FTSE100 companies were represented in the room last week and 59 of them have engaged with us. Our job in the next three months is to work directly with them to get to a more informed position.