27 January 2020


Three women, homeless

By Audrey Gillan

27 January 2020

By Audrey Gillan

Three women, homeless 53'00

We’d like you to meet Toni, Sharon and Nicky. You may have passed them on the street – somebody reading these words almost certainly will have done. But you won’t have met them, any more than most of us really meet women who are homeless and sleeping rough in subways, stations and shop doorways.

Audrey Gillan has spent time with all three women, hearing their stories; how they came to be where they are, and what their lives are like. The number of homeless women in the UK has shot up in recent years. The stories that Toni, Sharon and Nicky tell help explain why.

What next?

At Tortoise, we’re building an open newsroom that listens to the world around it. We care about real-world outcomes as well as stories.

That’s why we’re hosting two follow-up ThinkIns in Norwich on Wednesday 19 February, and at Shelter’s HQ in London on Tuesday 28 April. We’ll be asking: How can we end homelessness?

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