A ThinkIn with Keith Anderson, Scottish Power CEO

Scottish Power is the first integrated energy company in the UK to shift completely from coal and gas generation to wind power. Keith Anderson is its Chief Executive. A principal partner for COP26 in Glasgow, Keith’s organisation is a world-leader in clean energy, investing £10bn over the next five years that will double its renewable energy generation. Commenting last November Keith said, “The UK should play to its strengths by investing in the country’s core energy infrastructure – the networks that are critical to ensuring the delivery of renewables, hydrogen, electric vehicle chargers and heat pumps. If we get this right, I have no doubt we will create tens of thousands of new jobs.

As part of Tortoise’s Accelerating Net Zero initiative, Keith joins James Harding in conversation about the UK’s plan for a ‘Green Industrial Revolution’, his hopes for COP26 and what more the energy sector could or should be doing to achieve carbon net zero status by 2050.


This ThinkIn is part of Tortoise’s Accelerating Net Zero coalition. The initiative brings together our members and a network of organisations across a programme of ThinkIns and journalism devoted to accelerating progress towards Net Zero.

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James Harding
Editor and Co-founder