A Tortoise Digital ThinkIn with David Baddiel A Tortoise Digital ThinkIn with David Baddiel - Tortoise

A Tortoise Digital ThinkIn with David Baddiel

Monday 1 June 2020

Duration: 6:30PM - 7:30PM

Status: Completed

He’s staying home, he’s staying home, he’s staying…A quarter century after David Baddiel (and Frank Skinner) gave England a new national anthem in Euro ’96, the comedian, writer and documentary-maker is an acclaimed fixture on the cultural scene.

Chair: Matt d’Ancona, Editor and Partner, Tortoise

Our special guest is:

David Baddiel, British comedian, novelist and television presenter. Along with comedian Frank Skinner he pair created, wrote and performed Fantasy Football League, a popular entertainment show based on the growing fantasy football craze. The pair co-wrote the song ‘Three Lions’ which has been described as the de facto “anthem” of English football since 1996. In his recent documentary, Confronting Holocaust Denial, aired on BBC 2 in February 2020, Baddiel comes face to face Irish artist Dermot Mulqueen in order to shed light on widespread Holocaust denial.