Can the Good Friday Agreement hold?

The Northern Ireland protocol – the part of the Brexit deal that means checks on freight between Great Britain and Northern Ireland – is deeply unpopular with unionists. Some leading politicians have cited the introduction of the trade border in the Irish Sea as reason enough to withdraw from the Northern Ireland executive. The escalating rhetoric is enough to give Dublin, London and Brussels significant cause for concern. Has the Good Friday Agreement been fatally wounded by Brexit?

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Chris Cook
Contributing Editor

Ailbhe Rea
Political correspondent, New Statesman. Ailbhe co-hosts the New Statesman podcast, discussing the latest in UK politics

Matt O’Toole MLA
Matt is an Irish Social Democratic and Labour Party politician, former civil servant, and journalist who has served as a Member of the Legislative Assembly for the Belfast South constituency in the Northern Ireland Assembly since January 2020

Siobhán Fenton
Advisor, Sinn Fein. Siobhán is author of The Good Friday Agreement (2018) which explores the successes and failures of the accord, assessing the extent to which Northern Ireland has been able to move on from the Troubles, and analysing the recent collapse of power-sharing at Stormont

Sammy Wilson MP
Sammy Wilson is the Democratic Unionist Party MP for East Antrim, and has been an MP continuously since 5 May 2005. He currently undertakes the roles of Shadow DUP Spokesperson (Treasury), Shadow DUP Spokesperson (Work and Pensions), and Shadow DUP Spokesperson (Brexit)

Claire Sugden MLA
Claire Sugden is the independent unionist MLA for East Londonderry and former Minister of Justice