Does Britain have an answer to immigration now?

Curbing immigration was a major part of the Leave campaign’s promise to ‘take back control’. The Home Secretary has promised the biggest overhaul to immigration policy in decades to “fix our broken asylum system” and now that freedom of movement has come to an end Priti Patel’s points-based immigration system promises to be a “fairer, global system based on skills.” Critics have said the changes will be nothing short of disastrous for sectors like social care, agriculture and tourism. In the week the UK finally leaves the EU, to accompany our first File of 2021, join us for a ThinkIn in which we will reflect on where, after all the promises, we’ve ended up on immigration.

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James Harding
Co-founder and Editor

Madeleine Sumption
Director, Migration Observatory at the University of Oxford

Ann Widdecombe
Former Shadow Home Secretary (1999-2001), former Conservative Party MP until 2010, and Brexit Party MEP until the UK left the EU on 31 January 2020

Dorian Leatham
Interim CEO at the Migrant’s Rights Network