Friend of Tortoise Exclusive

Does British democracy work for you?

This is a newsroom ThinkIn. In-person and digital-only tickets are available.

This event is exclusive to Friends of Tortoise

This is an “on the road” ThinkIn hosted at The Common Room in Newcastle. You can join us in person in Newcastle or online as a digital guest.

How can we improve British democracy? It's a question that doesn't just concern our parliamentary elections, or even elections at all – but asks we consider the full slate of opportunities available to citizens. Who has the power to change Britain for the better, and where? Why is political power so unequally distributed, and how can it really change? It concerns our representatives, yes, but also our public services: from our education and healthcare systems to our police and regulators. And, in this series on British democracy, it asks us to go to the very root of our social contract – a social contract severely broken, perhaps irreparably. This ThinkIn series will ask how to fix it. 


Matthew d'Ancona