How can the pandemic turn into an opportunity to re-set, rebuild and renew?

Wednesday 23 September 2020

Duration: 6:20PM - 7:30PM

Status: Completed

Dazed by uncertainty, upheaval and – in all too many cases – tragedy, we are all reeling from a year unlike any other in modern times. But how can we extract opportunity from the landscape of loss and disruption? What better way of honouring the dead than to live better lives?

In this ThinkIn, we’ll look at ways of strengthening personal and business resilience; of widening the talent pool using the lessons of working on Zoom and other digital platforms; and we’ll examine what the economist Joseph Schumpeter called ‘creative destruction’ – the spirit of innovation fostered by moments of transformative change.

This is a fork in the road – a chance to seize the strategic initiative, make radical changes, enhance productivity and improve employees’ quality of life. The future will be as bright as we make it. Join us in this discussion in a spirit of bold optimism.

Chair: Matthew d’Ancona, Editor and Partner, Tortoise

Invited guests

Patrick Gormley  

Head of Capita Consulting. Patrick Gormley leads the Industry Consulting and Offering Development department at Capita. Capita is a consulting, digital services and software business, delivering innovative solutions and simplifying the connections between businesses and customers, governments and citizens. Prior to this, Patrick served as General Manager at IBM Cognitive Process Services, North America and before that as a Partner and Managing Director at Parker Fitzgerald.

Paul Clarke

Chief Technology Officer at Ocado is a world leader in smart fulfilment and logistics. Paul’s role at Ocado includes exploring opportunities to use Ocado’s technologies and competencies to disrupt other sectors, research activities and the technology vision and future proofing of the business. Paul read Physics at Oxford University, before entering the computer industry. Paul sits on a number of government and industry advisory boards including the AI Council, Robotics Growth Partnership (co-chair), National Food Strategy Advisory Board and the BEIS Innovation Expert Group.

Manjula Lee

CEO and founder of World Wide Generation. The youngest member to be selected for Shell’s executive leadership program in her early career in M&A and strategic partnerships in Australia. However, being faced with data indicating where the world was going to be by 2050, with diminishing oil resources and spiralling social ramifications, Manjula was compelled to pursue a career in social problem-solving in the not for profit sector.

This ThinkIn is in partnership with Capita

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