How does Pornhub get away with it?

A US lawsuit involving 40 performers accuses Pornhub, and its owner Mindgeek, of turning a blind eye to trafficking. The pornography giant has also published videos appearing to show drunk, underage or non-consensual women. After a major exposé by the New York Times, Pornhub scrubbed millions of videos from its platform. But campaigners say major problems remain. Why has Mindgeek, which has more than 1000 employees and is subject to national laws, been allowed to operate with relative impunity for so long? Regulators, journalists and public figures appear to be squeamish about investigating. Pornhub’s lack of mainstream advertising means it’s not subject to the scrutiny of consumer-facing commercial organisations either. Is it time for governments to wake up?

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editor and invited experts

Alexi Mostrous
Investigations Editor and Partner

Kate Issacs
Founder of Not Your Porn

Honza Cervenka
Associate at McAllister Olivarius

Lynsey G
Journalist and porn critic