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Is the tide turning against London?

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In the run up to the London Mayoral Elections this May, how has the pandemic altered the fortunes of, and possible futures for the City? 700,000 people left London last year and many of them say life is vastly better elsewhere. Is it? Are they ever coming back? Could falling rents tempt some to return, or make life in the capital possible for people who’d otherwise ruled it out? Is the trend unique to London, or replicated in big cities across the country, and indeed the world? Is it good news, or a problem?

editor and invited experts

James Harding
Editor and Co-founder

Mandu Reid
Leader of, and London Mayoral candidate for, the Women’s Equality Party

Rowland Atkinson
Author of Alpha City and Research Chair in Inclusive Societies at the University of Sheffield

Richard Brown
Director, Centre for London