Sensemaker Live: How slimmed down should the royals be?

They get about £85 million a year via the Sovereign Grant, security costs about another £150 million. A non-hereditary head of state would come with a price tag too, but is it right that the Queen’s income should be linked to the profits of what is in practice a commercial property company? Charles says he’ll slim the royals down. How slim is the right amount of slim?


Giles Whittell
Sensemaker Editor

David McClure
Producer, writer and journalist, and author of The Queen’s True Worth: unravelling the public and private finances of Elizabeth II

Angela Levin
Royal commentator. Angela spent over a year with Prince Harry writing his biography: Harry: Conversations with the Prince. She also spent a year with Prince Charles and six months with The Duchess of Cornwall writing profiles of them both

Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills
Founder and Director, British Monarchists Society; Editor-in-Chief and Director, Crown & Country Magazine

Alexi Mostrous
Investigations Editor, Tortoise