Sensemaker Live: Operation vaccination – is the rollout plan working?

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You wait 9 months for a vaccine then three come along at once. The scientists have done their job. Now it’s down to supply chain, logistics, communications and planning to get it into people’s hands, or arms. Why are some countries doing it so much better than others? Are the worst predictions about rich countries jumping the queue coming true? How long will it realistically take to start making a noticeable difference to infection rates and lockdown restrictions? Who designed the priority group system, and how fair is it?


Giles Whittell
Sensemaker Editor

John Robertson
Professor of Surgery & Consultant Surgeon, University of Nottingham

Herb Sewell
Emeritus Professor of Immunology & Consultant immunologist, University of Nottingham

Dr Eva Thorne
Director of Policy and Innovation, Tony Blair Institute for Global Change

Daniel Sleat
Special Adviser to Tony Blair, Tony Blair Institute for Global Change