Sensemaker Live: The great forgotten story of Brexit – what’s really happening with trade?

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Just over a fortnight into the UK’s new relationship with the EU, how are the City of London, and more niche importers and exporters, getting on? Rishi Sunak says the former should prepare for a ‘Big Bang 2.0’ – yet on day 1 of the new arrangements, £6bn worth of shares were traded on the continent instead of London. Some small, independent retailers who depend on EU imports, and UK based export businesses claim they’re already stuck in a bureaucratic vice. What’s really going on?

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Giles Whittell
Sensemaker Editor

Maddy Thimont Jack
Associate Director, Institute for Government’s Brexit team

Paul Colgan
Economics Correspondent, Virgin Media Television

Raoul Ruparel OBE
Adviser, Global Brexit Insights team, Deloitte