Sensemaker Live – Can the arts survive the virus?

Wednesday 6 May 2020

Duration: 1:00PM - 2:00PM

Status: Completed

With festivals cancelled, and theatres, galleries, museums and cinemas closed until further notice, the question many arts organisations are facing is not when but whether they will open again. It is not just the 30,000 small arts and culture charities in the UK – 15% of the charity sector – that rely on government or Lottery funding, donations and volunteers to survive. Major institutions too are facing an existential threat, despite massive audience sizes for their special quarantine programmes of free-to-air digital content. Nobody wants to live in a world without culture – but can the sector, at a national and local level, adapt quickly enough to the new reality?

Chair: James Harding, Editor and Co-founder, Tortoise

This ThinkIn is being held in partnership with Marquee TV, the V&A and Frieze and Santander.

Our special guests include:

Tristram Hunt, Director of the Victoria & Albert Museum

Victoria Siddall, Director of Fairs, Frieze

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