The Battle for Truth: Who will save the internet?

The havoc wrought by major tech platforms on social and political discourse is well documented. The question is – what’s to be done? Switching off the internet isn’t an option, so we need a plan B. What’s the mood music from the Biden administration, the UK and the EU on regulation? Where will the best ideas be born – academia, lobbyists or institutions, or from within the tech companies themselves? What can we learn from non-Western countries? Is anywhere managing to regulate social media effectively now? What’s possible, and what’s desirable, to defuse the power of social media companies to moderate public discourse? Join us for a ThinkIn in which we will interrogate the options, imagine the likely timeline and try to understand key decision makers in the evolution of ‘truth’ online.


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editor and invited experts

Alexi Mostrous
Editor and Partner, Investigations, Tortoise

Damian Collins MP
Former DCMS Committee Chair and Conservative Party MP for Folkestone and Hythe

Chris Cooper
Executive Director, RESET Australia