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The Joy of LEGO, with Emma Kennedy

This is a newsroom ThinkIn. In-person and digital-only tickets are available.

This event is exclusive to Friends of Tortoise

Far more than just a children’s toy, LEGO can be a family activity, an education tool, a personal challenge or even a meditative exercise: zen in the shape of a brick. With more than 80 LEGO bricks per human on the planet, there’s plenty of fun to go around. And it’s not just about the bricks: there are films, theme parks, video games, clothing and the business consultancy (yes, really). During lockdown lots of us turned to new activities, or rediscovered some old ones, and LEGO is one of the things that kept us all sane. It also had a very good pandemic, with global sales increasing by 14% and visits to doubling to 100 million.

What is it about these plastic bricks that we find so fascinating? Why is our love affair with LEGO so enduring? Whether you’re a veteran AFOL (Adult Fan Of LEGO) or a total newbie, bring some bricks and join us for a ThinkIn with author, screenwriter, and LEGO fan Emma Kennedy, as we celebrate the joy of LEGO.

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editor and invited experts

Liz Moseley
Members’ Editor

Emma Kennedy
Actor, author, screenwriter and LEGO fan

Abbie Headon
Author, Build Yourself Happy: The Joy of LEGO Play

Steve Mayes
LEGO architect, BrickThis

Warren Elsmore
LEGO artist