Covid-19 tracker

A pandemic, quantified

There are lots of rumours, suppositions and lies about Covid-19. Our tracker contains numbers you can trust, from insolvency filings to Netflix visits. We’ll be updating it throughout the crisis – and beyond

Welcome to Tortoise’s C-19 tracker, a corner of the app devoted to highlighting some of the most important, insightful and reliable data about the pandemic and its side effects.

This will be a constantly changing place. A work in progress. The graphics that we’ve published today will be updated as new data is released, in some cases automatically. And many more graphics will be published throughout the coronavirus outbreak – and beyond.

We have presented the graphics as answers to questions; everything from “How fast is it spreading?” to “Where are people going online?”. This is in part because we would like to hear your questions, and to see whether we can find data sets that respond to them.

If you have a question that would fit on the tracker, please email

How many victims are there?

Global confirmed cases and deaths

Latest data:

Source: John Hopkins University (updated daily)

How fast is it spreading?

Total confirmed cases among the countries most affected

Latest data:

Source: John Hopkins University (updated daily)

How have businesses been affected?

Insolvency filings in the UK

Latest data:

Note: Data shows number of UK companies filing for the appointment of liquidators. Daily figures are based on a weekly rolling average. Source: Gazette Insolvency Register

How has city life been affected?

Percentange of Citymapper users moving compared to usual levels

Latest data:

Source: Citymapper Mobility Index

How are the media covering the pandemic?

Share of daily articles from national UK newspapers mentioning 'coronavirus' and 'Brexit'

Latest data:

Source: Media Cloud
Share of daily articles from US media outlets mentioning 'coronavirus' by political alignment

Latest data:

Source: Media Cloud

How are people occupying their time?

Average daily website views per user

Latest data:


What are people searching for?

UK Google searches each day relative to the term’s peak search popularity since 1 March

Latest data:

Source: Google Trends

When did countries first introduce lockdowns?

Show when countries first

Latest data:

Source: Oxford COVID-19 Government Response Tracker. Please note: Data is taken directly from OxCGRT, which is a live and ongoing project to systematically collect and collate publicly-available information on government responses to Covid-19. We have only included restrictions that were introduced as government requirements, rather than recommendations.

Graphics by Chris Newell. Research by Alex Clark, Ella Hollowood and Jack Kessler. Made using Textures.js.